Crocs Core Competencies

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Answer#1 CROCS CORE COMPETENCIES A core competency is something that is unique be it a product or a service or ability that owned by a company and which cannot easily be imitated by others. It is what gives the company an exclusive competitive advantage. Based on the information from the case study the core competencies of CROCS would cover the below: - A unique and innovative substance/product Crocs are made from a substance called “croslite” which gives the shoes their unique properties of extreme comfort, anti slip and odour resistance. These are some of the major factors that cause people to buy the shoes and be loyal to the product. It is suitable for people who value comfort over fashion. Since the company owns the formula for the resin that gives these shoes these properties, it makes them unique in the market. Croslite can also be use to make a number of other products like kneepads and kneelers, and given its properties the options are endless. - An extremely efficient and flexible manufacturing process. The main and primary component of the company’s shoes is croslite, which once “compounded” and dyed has can be transformed into a variety of shoe styles through injecting it into a mould. These moulds can be ordered for a new product/style and arrive within weeks should the product prove to be successful, facilitating quick and speedy production of a fast moving product. On the other hand should the product prove to be less fast moving the mould can be reshaped to different styles. Crocs have also taken control of the compounding process which now enables them to lower the time required to make the primary component of the shoe. And thereby lower the time and cost involved in moving it around from the original manufacturer to the manufacturing units. Other factors that contribute to the efficient manufacturing process is the fact that crocs now

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