Sredni Vastar Essay

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eLiterature Test Short Stories Stories: y The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen y Genesis and Catastrophe y The Lumberroom y Sredni Vashtar 1. Why do you think the story is called the Invisible Japanese Gentlemen ? what is so invisible about them (or rather: to whom are they invisible, and why is that so ironic?) 2. Describe the characters of the young couple in The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen. Try to link those characters to the story. 3. The narrator of The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen is part of the story. What effect does this have? 4. Irony is an important element of Genesis and Catastrophe . Explain how and why. Try to give as many examples as you can. 5. Describe the characters of Klara and Alois in Genesis and Catastrophe in at least fifty words. 6. There are many parallels between The Lumber Room and Sredni Vashtar . Explain what is so similar about these stories in a t least a hundred words. Pay attention to plot, images and characterization. 7. Give the theme of every story. 8. Pick a story and describe its images. What is the deeper meaning of these images ? Not every question indicates how many words you have to use to answer the question. Suffice it to say that generally the more words you use, the better it is. Moreover, always try to support your ideas and arguments with examples from the stories. -Invisible-Japanese-Gentlemen-ByGraham-Greene
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