SPK 201: Seminar Two Discussion Questions

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Brad McCullough Dr. J – SPK 201 Seminar Two Discussion Questions September 29, 2012 Question #1: Why is it important that speeches be organized clearly and coherently? How does the oral format of your message impact audience understanding? (SLO 5) Answer: Organization of speeches is the most important step of the speech to me. A good/bad organized speech will affect how the audience takes it. On page 163 of our textbook it states: Taking the time to plan a well-organized message can boost your confidence. A jumble of ideas and information without logical structure is more difficult to remember and present than a well-organized speech. Researchers have discovered that the less organized you are, the more apprehensive you may…show more content…
Kevin would have to talk slower and make sure that audience had enough time to take in the information. For example, the 7 day forecast he did not even talk about it overall; he just made the point of saying that it “looks good but may rain on Tuesday”. If it was not visually on the screen he could not have done that. Question #3: How does culture and language impact your presentation's content development and visual aids? What strategies can you use to help communicate with individuals who do not speak English? Illustrate your response with examples and supporting evidence from your textbook. (SLOs 4, 8) Answer: Culture and language can have a huge impact on the development of one’s speech. This is all a part of understanding the audience that is going to be listening to your presentation. I know from experience that jargon can sometimes be very hard to understand if one is not accustomed to it. For example, when I started working at the steel mill that I work out today it was very hard to understand what was going on. I was hearing words that I had never heard before and for all I knew they were speaking french. If I was to present a speech about casting steel and used words like: tundish, oscillator, S.E.N, ladle, castemp, MMI, withdrawal straightner, or slag no one would probably know what I was talking about. But, if I was presenting at a steel industry conference it would be

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