Hum/111 Week 2 Fallacy Essay

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Week 2 Lecture Last week we studied the components of argument. We dissected the components and broke down the different parts. This week, we will talk about how an argument can break down—literally—through fallacy. What is a fallacy? It’s basically an argument that uses poor reasoning. Most people don’t realize that there are fallacies in their arguments. Knowing is half the battle! In the lesson this week, you will learn a variety of fallacies and their definitions. As you read, I want you to consider: How do writers use fallacies, either deliberately or inadvertently, to sway readers to their opinion? Conversely, how can readers spot a fallacy and not be fooled by a writer’s attempts to gain their favor? How can critical thinking skills come into play and help readers form a logical and bias-free decision? Throughout the week, I want you to think about how your writing can be bias-free.…show more content…
This is often the one I return to students because they did not follow the directions. Please read this section carefully. I am going to give you an example of how I want your submission to look. If you follow this example, you will be fine. After you review the fifteen logical fallacies, choose eight for which you will find examples. Since media is all around us, look around to illustrate examples of the eight fallacies you have chosen. You can use TV, magazines, newspapers, the internet, or wherever you can think! Be creative. Just be sure to explain where you found your example and fully describe how it exemplifies your fallacy. Please be specific. Here is how I would like your work to look: 1. Bandwagon Fallacy: Definition [define in my OWN words] 2. Example: Verizon

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