Southern Chaste System In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The Southern Chaste System: Rich, Poor, Black The South has always been a place of tradition, which has both positive and negative consequences. Harper Lee’s masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird largely shows the negative or racist tendencies that the South has, and that escalated during the Great Depression. She shows class divisions, race divisions, and she shatters both with Tom Robinson’s actions. One of the major issues that Lee takes on with this book is the social divisions in the South during this time. The depression made these divisions even worse, at the height of the depression 12. 6 million, over one quarter, of the work force was without jobs . Also, when the New Deal was put into place, it was the wealthiest farmers that got the largest subsidies . Both these events combined destroyed the sharecropping and tenant industries, which further…show more content…
It began when Bob Ewell accused him of raping his daughter and Tom denied it. Tom, being black, was expected to just plead guilty and not to talk in court at all. If Atticus had not protected him, he would have been lynched way before his trail. Tom also spoke about Mayella against society norms, “So I done like she told me, and I was reachin' when the next thing I know she . . . grabbed me aroun' the legs. She scared me so bad I hopped down an' turned the chair over. ” It was ridiculous to think that a white girl had any desire for a black man. He also said he felt sorry for her and that’s why he decided to help her. This made it seem like Tom thought he was better off than Mayella, which could be totally true, but none of the whites of Maycomb want to hear it. Harper Lee, having grown up in the south, understood the rifts in society and she displayed them in her book. She also showed how trivial they are by looking at them from a child’s point of view and by making Tom Robinson break all of them to save his own

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