Tom Robinson Trial

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The Tom Robinson Trial By: Mr. Underwood How a man can live with killing a cripple, I cannot understand. It is a sin, whether the cripple is standing, sitting or escaping. Tom Robinson had unfair disadvantages, neither of them were his fault. For one, his left arm was useless. He was a colored man, accused of raping a low class white woman. Every day mockingbirds are killed by children and hunters. Those birds never caused us any trouble, so why are they killed? It may be because they are just birds. They’re not human; they don’t speak or look like us. Do people not care about them because they are different? Does that make the slaughter of songbirds acceptable? I interviewed the sheriff, Mr. Heck Tate. “The boy was dead the moment Mayella opened her mouth and screamed. It’s not right, but sometimes we can’t change the minds of white men.” Tom Robinson was innocent and most people know it. Mayella Ewell was obviously coached to lie- she stopped answering questions at one point. Mr. Bob Ewell was a low man who no doubt abused his children. It was obvious that Mr. Ewell beat his daughter, not Tom Robinson. Mr. Robinson had one arm less than it takes to beat and rape a strong young woman all at once. I dared to talk to Mr. Ewell. “That son-of-a-bitch raped my Mayella an’ got what he deserved!” he said, spitting furiously. Just a few days before, he had spat in the face of Atticus Finch, the good man who defended Tom Robinson. Mr. Ewell has no class at all. I hate to think of his poor children. Tom Robinson was a songbird, a songbird slaughtered senselessly because he was different. A victim; just an excuse for Mayella’s wounds. What has the world come
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