Source of Violence in Hamlet Essay

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The source of violence in the Germanic Tribal society differs greatly from the violence present in the Renaissance. These differences come from the different burdens placed on society. In Beowulf, the Germanic Tribal Society had to rely on a lifestyle that benefited from nothing but what the natural earth had to offer. So defending what was yours was a way of life. In Hamlet, the violence was centered around strong emotion and remorse for the lost. With more than one sibling of a governing family competing for the same role, one of the family members is not going to get his way and resort to mad revenge, which brings around a different type of violence. This is what separates the Germanic tribal society violence from the violence of the Renaissance. There is a major difference in the violence of each text, but it serves as an outline for both stories. The attempts to sustain peace are different in more than one way, but also similar in comparison. Hamlet’s violence was out of nothing more than revenge for his father’s murder. Beowulf fought off many monsters in his time, rewarding himself with much respect and honor. He wasn’t fighting out of emotional resentment towards another for harming his family member such as Hamlet was. He was fighting for the good of his people. However, both of the characters were fighting for what was rightfully theirs. Hamlet was in the bloodline to take over the Kingdom after his father’s death, but his mother married his uncle almost immediately afterwards taking his spot in the kingdom. This sent Hamlet into a deep depression that winds up causing much more than his Uncle Claudius bargained for. Beowulf proves to everyone that he will not only make a name for himself, but also grow into a wise, strong, courageous leader that will do anything to gain fame. This is the source of his violence. So, the sources of

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