Who Is to Blame for Romeo and Juliet's Deaths

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Who was to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? This essay will examine the possible causes of Romeo and Juliet’s tragic endings. Romeo and Juliet became victims to their own love because of their families stubbornness, their own irresponsibility and most of all because of fate. The feuding family is a large contributor. The conditions forced because of the animosity between the families made the couple feel prohibited to be together and thus hiding their love. Due to the rivalry two other important characters were killed, altering the ending of the play. Additionally, the star cross lovers can be held somewhat liable because overall it was their decision to take their own lives and their decision to continue with their relationship knowing all the risks and ramifications. Undoubtedly the most significant influence was fate. Fate predetermines every outcome of the play, because it is an intense energy that no one can control or change. All of these aspects have a major role to play in the horrible deaths. The play is set in an Italian city, Verona where two families, the Capulets and the Montagues are in a rivalry over a long forgotten issue. Unfortunately, Romeo and Juliet both belong to the opposing sides. The two families hold a immense responsibility for the deaths of the star cross lovers as they kept the feud going far longer than what was necessary. The conflict set a strong presumption that Romeo and Juliet's relationship would not be supported, forcing them to keep it secret.The rivalry also caused Tybalt and Mercutio’s violent deaths which had an enormous effect to how their love story ended. Juliet's parents especially should be blamed. Lady capulet, Juliet's mother was narrow minded and domineering. She believed an arranged marriage was a necessity for Juliet without considering Juliet's opinions or concerns. Lord Capulet, Juliet's father

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