Sophie Williams 'Lost In The Storm'

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My book "Lost in the Storm" is very interesting. The author of the story was "Holly Webb" and the illustrator is "Sophie Williams." First, in the story "Ella" had found this little kitten and she named the kitten "Fluff."Long After that, while Ella was at school Fluff went outside and played in the snow but Fluff had seen a bird and chased it as Fluff ran after the bird she got stuck in a fence. As fluff had tried to wiggle her way out she tried and tried but she couldn't get out the only way for her to get out would be to have her collar rip and get out through the other way. That is just what Fluff did she ended up on the other side of the fence. Ella realized Fluff was gone and told her parents. As she walked she came up a shed Fluff had

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