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Cinderella Compare And Contrast Essay

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  • on March 28, 2012
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Same Name but Not the Same Story
There are many different similarities and differences between, the poem “Knives”, Disney’s “Cinderella”, and the “Grimm’s Cinderella Story.” But there are three major elements of the story, the movie, and the poem that separate the three version of “Cinderella”. These three elements are how the animals help her and what they do, how magic is portrayed in the movie and in the story, and how the prince finds out who Cinderella actually is.
The Grimm’s Cinderella Story portrays the animals helping Cinderella as, two white pigeons that drop a dress upon Cinderella whenever she cries underneath the hazel tree that is above her mother’s grave. The two pigeons also warn the prince of the step sister’s lies about the shoes being theirs, after they cut pieces of their feet off so their feet would fit into the slipper. Also towards the end of the story in, The Grimm Brother’s Version, the two white pigeons attack the two stepsisters and pecked out each of their eyes. [Cinderella wanted to go the ball, but her stepmother gave her a huge list of chores to complete first.] This is why the animals make her a dress because she has no time to fix up the one that she wanted to wear, in Disney’s “Cinderella”. They also are turned into her horses, and the chauffeurs of her carriage, by the Fairy Godmother.   These differences were made because the point of Disney’s version was for children to watch and enjoy it, compared to the Grimm Brother’s version which was just to spark interest into myths while placing cruel elements into the story of Cinderella. The changes were made so that the movie could be enjoyed by children opposed to the children being horrified for the rest of their lives.  
Another element that is compared in the movie and in the story is how magic is portrayed. In the Grimm Brother’s version, magic is portrayed by, the two white pigeons. The pigeons are able to drop a dress down on Cinderella three times and also are able to give...

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