Some Readers Find Lawrence’s Stories Off-Puttingly Masculine – England, My, England.

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Many people think that D.H. Lawrence’s short stories are off-puttingly masculine. They get this interpretation due to the position of male characters in Lawrence’s short stories. At the time they were written the male was generally the dominant figure within society and relationships. However, I do not agree that Lawrence’s stories are off-puttingly masculine as I believe that in many of the stories the women have an undeniable control of the men’s actions and behaviour. This would suggest that women had a great deal of power within Lawrence’s stories, and prove they are not completely male dominated. The story I am going to analyse is Lawrence’s ‘England, My England’. ‘England, My England’ is interesting when addressing my title as the man ’Evelyn’ in the story is immediately portrayed as a lazy character that is not aware and does not care a great deal about his surroundings. The woman in the story ‘Winifred’ appears to be the more dominant and masculine one on the relationship. This is unusual in Lawrence’s stories. T the beginning of the story Lawrence writes, “And yet she was like a weapon against him, fierce with talons of iron, to push him out of the nest place he had made”. This suggests that Winifred is an aggressive and powerful character in the story. It suggests that she is indeed the dominant person in the relationship rather that Evelyn who at this point in the story looks weak and meagre compared to the influential Winifred. This is a very interesting start to the story for the reader as in the majority of Lawrence’s novels the male is the dominant figure from the outset. Evelyn does not appear to the reader of someone that is sure of his actions. He seems to be a feeble weak character that has barely any influence of any kind upon his family. Lawrence writes, “Never very definite or positive in his action, had now set in rigid silence of negation”.

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