Sexism In American Society Essay

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Sexism in American Society Sexism is a long-standing historical and global problem. Nowadays, many countries still exists with the concept that a man has more power than a woman and women should listen to men, especially in American society. Even though the practice of feminist movement have never stopped, hostile sexism and benevolent sexism is still very common in American society. The relationship between Lou, Mindy and Albert in A Visit From The Goon Squad (Jennifer Egan) reveals the hostile sexism, benevolent sexism and self-discrimination in women in American society because it shows how a powerful man despises a less powerful woman and how women discriminate themselves. Hostile sexism is a negative emotion directed towards women such as anger, resentment, revile and so on. The relationship between Lou and Mindy shows hostile sexism in American society. As we all know, Lou doesn't really love Mindy, but he still wants to keep her. As a powerful man, Lou has everything, he has money, status and also he thinks he should have "love". In Lou's mind, women are just goods for powerful men. A powerful man has the privilege to dally fun of a…show more content…
In AVFTGS, Mindy is a typical woman. She thinks she is just a weak woman so she admits Albert's benevolent help. In American society, many women think they are weak and less powerful than men, so they do the same things as Mindy did. Even though women claim to long for equality with men, actually they have the double standard of equality. On one hand, they demand equal opportunity and equal payment; on the other hand, they take "lady first" for granted, considering that is perfect justified for men to open door for them, offer their own seats to them and pay dinner for them. These thoughts are actually self-discrimination. How can you ask others to treat you equally while you yourself have admitted the inequality in
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