Sociology Critical Thinking Assignment

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Critical Thinking Assignment #1 Due Date: October 9th, 2012 Worth 12% Goal: to develop your sociological imagination: PART 1 • Using “Chapter One: The Promise”, by C. Wright Mills (provided on WebCt) and Sociology in Our Times Chapter 1 or Knuttila Chapter 1 answer these questions: • What is the sociological imagination? • Why is the sociological imagination important in today’s society? • Why is using the sociological imagination important to us as individuals? PART 2 • Pick an individual problem or issue that can be analyzed with the sociological imagination. Almost all problems have a social component, so you might pick something you are personally interested in and try exploring it. • Explain your example and how a sociological imagination can help us understand it better. Make sure that you’re connecting the private trouble(s) with a larger social issue(s). You are trying to trace the root cause of the problem in the society and find how your particular issue developed. You will need to do some research to help understand your issue and the social factors. Examples: health, disease, poverty, obesity, dissatisfaction (with school or a job), personal well-being, doing poorly in school, addiction, bullying, divorce. Try to pick something that isn’t covered in the text. Please note that this assignment will be talked about in tutorials. Your TA is available to help you pick an appropriate issue. *You don’t have to explain the problem fully (and do not have the space to), but explain how the principles the sociological imagination can be applied to look beyond “common sense” and individual explanations. Make sure that you include all parts. Your assignment must be at least 4 (full) pages and no more than 5 (full) pages of written work. Page limits are firm. Assignments which do not meet these

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