Sociological Imagination Essay

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Introduction The Sociological Imagination written by C. Wright Mills wherein his main goal was to try to reconcile and differentiate between the two intangible concepts of societal actuality which is basically the "individual" and the "society." In simpler words, Mills tries to distinguish between personal troubles and issues that arise in society. In this essay, what exactly is sociological imagination as well as various aspects which occur in individual and societal lives will be addressed. The aspects that will be discussed herein are namely, unemployment, crime, suicide, and child abuse in the light of Mills’ observations. The way these issues are interlinked with each other will also be addressed respectively. Mills suggests that individuals usually believe that their lives portray a progression of traps whereby they cannot overcome their obstacles and issues they experience during their lifetime. Contemporary history facts are able to influence the success and failure of men and women, for example, if a society begins to become industrialized then when a class rises or falls, an individual can either become unemployed or employed; if a husband or wife lives on their own then a child basically matures without a parent. Life of an individual and history of a society will not be able to be grasped fully if both concepts are not thoroughly understood (Mills 1959). What is Sociological Imagination? Mills used the identical expression, which is still used sociology today. The sociological imagination is the notion of being able to “think ourselves away” from the similar routines of our lives on a daily basis in order to be capable of viewing them in a different light. Mills defined sociological imagination as “the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider society.” It is the aptitude to observe things socially and how they cooperate

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