Sociological Analysis of Cinderella

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The Story of Cinderella by Brothers Grimm is not your average fairy tale. There is no quest, no difficult task to complete, and no real adventure. However, it is flooded with examples of social roles and class conflict. The whole plot is based around the separation of classes, in that it is about how an oppressed family servant marries a prince. Social roles are evident in the story from the author’s detailed depiction of each character, as well as defining the role gender plays in their society. As one can see, girls are made to battle for approval through their appearance, and men hold power over choosing which girl to marry. It is a controversial fairy tale that has been scrutinized by modern day society for its teaching of poor values to children, but nevertheless, it is a perfect story to study from a sociological perspective. The Cinderella story begins with a daughter (Cinderella) sitting by her mother’s bedside as she lays sick and dying. Right before the mother dies she says to Cinderella, “Dear child, be good and I will look down on you from heaven and be near you.” Every day after her mother died Cinderella went out to her mother’s grave and wept, and she remained good. Eventually Cinderella’s father, who was very wealthy, remarried to an evil woman with two evil daughters of her own. These two daughters were beautiful on the outside but terrible and ugly on the inside. They were very mean to Cinderella and made her do all the chores every day until night came. After she was finished with her chores she would curl up by the dying fire and sleep there for warmth. Cinders from the fire would cover her dress and face in soot, which is where she got her nickname, Cinderella. One day Cinderella planted a tree next to her mother’s grave and watered it with her tears. A little white bird would always land on the tree when Cinderella was there, and if she ever

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