Social and Economic Effects of the Russian Mail Order Bride Industry

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Abstract The Mail Order Bride industry is a quite controversial topic on a global scale. Looking at the economic figures a lot of the profit from this kind of business transaction goes to the middle man matchmaking service. Much of the real benefits of this are immeasurable in dollar amounts, this being happiness and love. Mail order brides are also a way to spread globalization, by integrating more of Russian culture into the world. Socially this is a good thing, having these beautiful Russian women be in different societies where they can give Russia a positive name. Economically, it can help boost the groom’s country because many of these women choose to enter the workforce. It is also beneficial for the country of Russia because many of the matchmaking services are located there, so giving them money is also helping to boost their economy. Ultimately, the mail order bride industry of Russia has a positive impact on the process of globalization and the economies of both countries involved. Social and Economic Effects of the Russian Mail Order Bride Industry The mail order bride industry has always been controversial on a global scale due to its undeniable reality of selling human beings to one another. In most cases this proves to be a true testament about the industry, but in the case of Russia much of the actual reality goes unknown. The history behind the term "mail order brides" goes as far back as the time of the first American settlers. The settlers, most of whom were men, could not find suitable women to marry and had to write letters to Europe asking women to become their wives. In those days, arranged marriages were quite common, and marrying somebody you barely knew was nothing out of the ordinary. (End, 2006) The times have changed, and now the mail order bride industry
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