Social Construction of Reality Essay

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The society plays an important role in an individual’s life from birth and until the old age. As individuals and the society are interconnected, ‘there is no such thing as society without the individuals who make it up just as there are no individuals existing outside of the influence of society’. (Layder, 1994: 3). The individuals’ lives within the society are of great interest for one of the branches of sociology - microsociology, which ‘concentrates on the more personal and immediate aspects of social interaction in daily life’, focusing ‘on actual face-to-face encounters between people’ (Roberts, 2006: 1). Hence, microsociology’s objects of interest are individuals, who shape ‘our everyday realities’ as these realities are ‘socially constructed’. (Macionis and Plummer, 2012: 208). Microsociology demonstrates the accomplishment that is social order, ‘which provide the social context or conditions under which people act’ (Layder, 1994: 4). It is formed from people’s everyday interactions and exists in norms, customs, traditions and regulations. Social order plays a significant part in regulating and organizing peoples’ way of living within society. Taking turns in conversation is a good illustration of social order, as it represents ‘the sequential organization of encounters in terms of openings and closings, of topic formulation and focus stability, of cues of requesting a turn and giving it up, for managing overlaps and pauses.’ (Fielding, 1988: 29-30). In fact, every individual’s life is shaped by the social order, starting with thoughts and feelings and ending with behavior and actions. Now, I would like to reveal how microsociologists E.Goffman, H.Garfinkel, and A.R.Hochschild understood the way the society influence the individuals, enforcing to obey the social order. E.Goffman’s work has an important place in microsociology. It explains the

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