Symbolic Interactionism Essay

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Symbolic Interactionism: How Reality is Created Symbolic interactionism emphasizes the micro-processes through which people construct meanings, identities, and joint acts. In doing so it accentuates how symbols, interaction, and human agency serve as the cornerstones of social life. Is a theorical approach to understanding the relationship between humans and Society. The basic notion of symbolic interactionism is that human action and interaction are understandable only through the exchange of meaningful communication or symbols. In this approach, humans are portrayed as acting as opposed to being acted upon. Mead (1934) proposed that both human development and the meanings we assign to everyday objects and events are fundamentally social processes, they require the interaction of multiple individuals; language is crucial to the development of self and society, the means by which communicate with one another. Society and self were created through communicative acts like speech and gestures; the individual personality was shaped by society, and vice versa. For symbolic interactionists, society is produced and reproduced through our interactions with each other by language and our interpretation of it, and the building block of everything else in society is face-to-face interaction through it we create a meaningful social reality. Blumer in 1969 stipulated three basic tenets the first one says, we act toward things on the basis of their meanings. For example, a tree can provide a shady place to rest, or it can be an obstacle to building a road or home; each of these meanings suggests a difference set of actions. Second, meanings are not inherent; rather, they are negotiated through interaction with others. Whether the tree is an obstacle or an oasis is not intrinsic quality of the three itself but rather something that people must figure it out among themselves. And
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