Social Care and Theories and Methods

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This essay will discuss the following statement “Social Care/Work is a professional activity based on a secure knowledge base. There are a range of theories and methods of working which can be applied to enhance human well-being. It is certainly not common-sense.” It will look at the theories and methods used in social care and whether theoryless practice exists. There are many theories used within social care. A theory is a set of ideas used to explain and interpret things. They often use the name of the person who developed the theory, such as Freud’s theory named after Sigmund Freud. The method is what is used to put the theory into practice. At one time social care was mainly set in institutions this was called warehousing. People had to follow rules, regulations and a regime that fitted with the institution and never had to make any decisions for themselves. Social care has now mainly moved to care in the community, this is sometimes referred to as the horticultural method, as people are allowed to flower and grow within this setting. To ensure good practice within social care in 2002 ‘The General Social Care Council’ set out a code of practice for social care workers. This is a document which sets downs the responsibilities of employers and employees. One of these codes of practice are social care workers must ‘promote the independence of service users while protecting them as far as possible from danger or harm.’ (GSCC, 2002) Social care workers need to assess the needs of service users. This is usually done by risk assessments. These identify the levels of risk and state actions to prevent risks. In a risk assessment you have to consider the worst case scenario. You have to consider other people living with the service user, the staff and the community. Risk assessment should be looked at regularly or when circumstances change to see if there
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