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GNED 500 Global Citizenship 300810319 Anthony Locaylocay 300745487 Yijan Huang Social Analysis Proposal The legalization or Criminalization of prostitution in Canada. The social issue our group will be tackling is the issues of legalizing prostitution in Canada and the current bill that the conservative government is currently trying to pass. We currently know that the bill is being quickly passed through into law. It concerns me because it holds a similar concept and precedent to the legalization of marijuana. It does not affect us personally but the topic has been debated in our other classes and it feels as though this issue is unfair when other countries have already legalized and controls this enterprise as a whole.-Anthony…show more content…
Therefore, the relationship between prostitutes and law are also more complicated. On one hand, prostitution has prevailed in the history of many countries, for example, the UK, USA in Nevada, Taiwan and other regions. The legitimate existence of prostitutes under government control generally exists in the specified area, not to the street soliciting, receiving regular physiology, disease examination, paying taxes to the government. On the other hand, many countries and regions expressly prohibited prostitutes exist in the law, the implementation of the prohibition of prostitution measures. The mainland China, the former Soviet Union, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Burma, Sri Lanka and other before 1960 are enacted to ban or prohibition of prostitution laws. In western countries, from mid nineteenth Century began to ban prostitute, but the actual effect is not as good as expected, prostitution becomes a phenomenon, therefore, appropriate management activities are better than banning…show more content…
While it also has the current bill being passed in Canada. The main arguments are that if it’s a victimless crime, its free choice, the morality of it, human trafficking issue, violence against workers, and prevalence of rape. Also there is the argument of legitimate business, a career option and the view point of the workers themselves (Prostituion ProCon, 2015). These articles also look at how other countries handle the issue of prostitution and how they handle it and generate revenue (Prostitution Pros and Cons, 2015). The current bill passed in Canada does not target prostitutes but the people who purchase the service. This source is valuable information on how to frame the issue of legal prostitution. (Controversial Bill, 2015) Works Cited Controversial Bill. (2015). Retrieved from National Post: Prostituion ProCon. (2015). Retrieved from Prostitution Pros and Cons. (2015). Retrieved from The Week:

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