Soaphead Church Character Analysis

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Soaphead Church’s Downward Spiral In The Bluest Eye, Soaphead Church is a major character that pushes Pecola to her insanity. We are going to have a deeper look at the character Soaphead Church! In chapter nine Soaphead Church’s story begins to be told. His real name in Elihue Micah Whitcomb who got his nickname, Soaphead Church, because he was a travelling preacher who pomaded his hair with soap. He is a light-skinned West Indian whose family members try to marry light-skinned people, but if that isn’t possible they will just marry within the family (Noel). He becomes a man who is obsessed with his white heritage and instills this obsession in his life. With the feeling of superiority that stems from their white ancestry, the family members do well in school (Bell). He married women named Velma who left him two months later because she realizes she can’t change his lack of humor and ill will to live. Soaphead Church is a failed preacher turned caseworker, declaring himself a "reader, adviser, and interpreter of dreams" (Morrison…show more content…
He is disgusted by human physicality, which leaves him isolated and lonely towards adults and leads him to sexual impulses with little girls (Spring). The narrator ironically describes his as “a very clean man” instead of a dirty old man, but his implications are clear: his obsession with bodily purity has made him more perverted than simple lust life (Spring). Soaphead Church can be labeled as a ‘people hater’ who prefers objects to people. While, writing his letter to God we find him even crazier then before. Morrison not only wants us to see how Soaphead is a bad person but he wants us to see another way to deal with racial self-hatred (Spring). While religion may be an escape, it promotes self- denial and dangerous self-worth. True freedom and happiness, Morrison suggests, come from a feeling of connectedness with one’s own body, not a denial of it
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