Exegisis on the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay

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In Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stevenson portrays the idea of temptation and how self control conducts how the future ends up to be. Jekyll, the selfish alchemist does not like living with temptation, so he creates another being to relive his evil side. Utterson is tempted to read a packet that should not be read, and Lanyon, Jekyll’s acquaintance witnesses a man turn into another being. Stevenson implies that self control is virtues and not many people have. Temptation without self control leads to discontentment and, an un pleasurable life. In Lanyon’s Narrative, Lanyon was bringing the supplies form Jekyll’s dresser to Hyde. Lanyon recalls his encounter with Hyde. Hyde was allowing Lanyon a choice to see what happens when Hyde drinks the potion. “Will you be wise? Will you be guided? Will you suffer me to take this glass in my hand, and go forth from your house without further Parley? Or has the greed of curiosity too much command of you?” (40). Lanyon wants to know what will happen if Hyde drinks the potion. Hyde doesn’t stop Dr. Lanyon, he gives him a choice. The word “wise” means marked by wisdom. Hyde wonders if Lanyon is marked by wisdom. “Guided” means piloted. He also wonders if Lanyon will be lead in the right direction. The word “suffer” means to undergo damage. Mr. Hyde asks Lanyon if he will experience damage. The phrase “further parley means more transformation. “Greed means excessive acquisitiveness. The word “curiosity means a desire to know. Lanyon wants to know more and more. “Command” means to direct with authority. Mr. Hyde is luring Lanyon to want to see him transform. Hyde asks if Lanyon is smart and will be lead in the right direction. Lanyon wants to know about Mr. Hyde, and Mr. Hyde allows it. Hyde lures Lanyon to watch him transform, Lanyon is tempted and gives in. Dr. Lanyon had little

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