Power of Persuation - Conspiracy

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Persuasive Communication Persuasive communication is about changing a person’s behaviour, thoughts and ideas by means of persuasion. There are two forms of persuasive techniques they are Artistic and Inartistic. In Artistic means of persuasion the person addresses the audience indirectly by using facts. He does not directly ask for their compliance but his way of presenting facts is effective enough to persuade the audience. By Inartistic means of persuasion we mean that the person directly asks for compliance. This may be through talking, threatening or forcing the person to follow your will. The persuasive communication can be either verbal or non-verbal. In the movie Conspiracy effect of persuasive communication has been very clearly shown. The movie depicts how one man can bring about the change in the thinking of many through his persuasive skills. The protagonist uses his effective communication, leadership, persuasive skills to reach a consensus among German officials in forming a final solution for the Jews problem prevailing in Germany. A secret meeting of fifteen officials from the command ministries met was held at Berlin. The purpose of the meeting was to decide on how to eradicate Jews from Germany and to put an end to this problem. This meeting was the last one before the mass extermination of Jews started in Germany. Reinhard Heydrich was sent to conduct this meeting. He considered Jews to be the reason for decline in the growth of Germany. He felt that Jews were waste os space and other resources. He wanted complete evacuation of Jews rather than emigration. Germans have already isolated them from their culture, society, government but he wanted to remove their physical existence also. In the movie he was portrayed as a very strong and confident character. He used very strong words in the discussion. When other officers conveyed their thoughts

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