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Smart Car is a brand which is under the well known Germany car company Mercedes- Benz. This advertisement is specifically targeted towards the younger generation who would like a car which have good performance and be environmentally friendly. In this commercial, the advertiser manipulates the first and second orders of signification by using both denotation and connotation to promote a new generation Car. The silver car at the centre of the advertisement, can be analyzed in several ways. The colour silver brings to people a feeling of dignity, high quality, precious materials, composed, controlled and conventional. Implicitly, placing the car in the galaxy shows the car can help you achieve your freedom with no time limit. It can bring you to anywhere you want, through this they send out the purpose of the company “ open your mind” indirectly. Cars itself are a symbol of freedom; it is a way to achieve personal independence. It give the audience a feeling of freedom. Kobe Bryant a well-known NBA basketball player, is standing beside the car and pointing to it which shows his approval and trust in the car. Using Kobe Byrant in the advertisment shows the company would like to give people a feel of Athleticism and freedom . Also it gives people a more comfortable and leisure feeling through Kobe’s smile. He is wearing a blazer with running shoes bringing the feeling of classic but in a more informal way with athleticism which is illustrating the new smart car. After that the Elephant standing on the car. Elephant symbolize honour, strength, patience and stability which give people a feel of their car are safe. It can also be significant to how an elephant is determined and loyal. They will always stand up for others and always defend members of the group in its natural habitat. Other than that this product is specific more targeting to Asian market. So from the

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