Slow Food Movement In Italy

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Loren Marino Independent Study 17 December, 2009 Italian Movement Slow food is the belief in the fundamental rights of everyone not simply enjoying the pleasures of food but the heritage from which they come from. The culture and tradition of ages of techniques, taste, and flavor which all accumulate and allow for these possibilities. Slow food is not just a means of cooking though but also a means of good, clean food, organic food. Food that is not genetically tampered with or obtained through animal cruelty, but humanly; where we get good food for a fair price and the producers receive their fair share. It includes a way of culture, a way of eating for personal enjoyment, our environment, our agriculture, and protecting our heritages as well as the consumers themselves. The slow movement is not about eating a lot of food and getting drunk however, it is about the enjoyment of both, not to overindulge oneself, but to simply take time, sit there with friends, enjoy a good meal, its about Eco-gastronomy, “a recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet.” appreciating taste that you can not find anywhere in the world. In December 1989 in Paris the slow food movement was born, the movement itself became an international movement, not against fast food restaurants in general, but against what they stand for, the standardization of food, overproduction of crops, mistreatment of animals, as well as the lowering quality and variety of food. The term first came about when a number of Arcigola members, part of the slow food movement, protested an opening of a McDonald's in Rome in the Piazza di Spagna, being that it was a fast food restaurant, they became the slow food movement. It was not the first McDonald's to open in Italy, but it was the first to venture into a major city, and while Italy was fighting against the rise of fast food

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