Slavery And Spirituals

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from West and central Africa were sent to America for slaveries. They were taken away from their families depriving them from reading and writing and also they took away their right to worship. Africans had the way of worshiping God before they are brought to American as slaveries. When they arrived, they could not continue practicing their own religion and because of their masters, they had no freedom to do what they wanted to do. African American struggles during the time of slavery but yet they did not give up their hope. They fought and battled every day in and day out to be able to see a brighter day. During difficult time, the only thing that kept them moving forward was faith and religions. Some of these religions were spirituals and…show more content…
The original composers of spirituals song are said to be unknown. These spirituals song were not sung in churches or in congregations, instead they were sung during work time, resting time and play time. The spirituals were ways of expression their feelings, pains, and struggles, bodies and mind. The songs gave them strength and inspiration to keep them moving forward and kept them surviving. Examples of the songs that were sung were “This world is not my home”, the song goes like this “ someone to carry me home, carry me to my sweet home, the fearless and the sorrows , I need Jesus to carry me home. This world is not my home, Am just a stranger here, the fearless and the sorrows I need Jesus to carry me home. It doesn’t matter you a father, It doesn’t matter you are a mother, it doesn’t matter you are children I need Jesus to carry me home”. According the “African America literature book written by Henry Louis Gate Jr and Nellie Y. McKay, explains in (pg. 8) that “ this world is not my home”, emphasis that “it was a study them in the spirituals, one in which offers its singer-hearers visions of a peaceful, loving realm beyond the one in which they labored”. In my opinion this song emphasis that they want to go to haven that they are so tired of working and they have no other way out, they are just stranger in this world, they do not belong in this world but haven is where they belong. Other songs like “go down Moses and been in the storm so long” was a song to inspired and motivated slaves to continued and struggled for freedom; another spirituals songs which also inspired and motivated the slaves were “Didn’t my lord deliver Daniel” which tell a story from the Bible, it is a story about Daniel and the Den, who was protected from harm through divine
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