Multiculture Experience Essay

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Multicultural Experience Hopewell Baptist Church is located in Old Hickory, Tennessee, and accepts the authority of the Bible. Hopewell emphasizes more on spirituality, which is different from the church that I attend; Moody Chapel African American Episcopal Church. Moody Chapel African American Episcopal Church emphasizes more on social issues. Moody’s interpretation of the Bible is totally different from Hopewell Church. Hopewell from my perspective put more emphasis on reading God’s word, praying, and fellowshipping with the members and visitors. Whereas at Moody, Reverend Hezekiah Stewart, Jr. Pastor; believes in speaking in tongue, healings, and laying hands on a person and anointing of oil. I was invited by my brother to attend Hopewell Church in Old Hickory, Tennessee. He assured me that there were some differences in Hopewell Worship style than Moody’s, but Hopewell would not deviate much from the normal Moody worship. In identifying the culture experience of Hopewell Baptist church I will discuss the experience, my preconceived notion about the experience, how my reactions were affected by group influence, and describe the reactions of individuals as well as the effect these reactions had on my behavior and self. When I entered Hopewell Baptist Church with my brother early Sunday morning I realized that it was a Baptist Church. The congregation had mixture of different nationalities not like my church. The people were very friendly. Before church services started, the members went to everyone in the church a shock hands and told each other how glad and happy that they were to see each other this Sunday morning. Kenneth Vorte’ is the pastor at the church, but one of the acting pastors was preaching this particular Sunday, James Scott. The service began at 11am with praising of God, singing by the choir. I knew from my grandmother, she
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