Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night-Time

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Marquis Barnes Mrs. Wolfe Brit. Literature 15 September 2013 How Curious is the Curious Incident In The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night-Time, autism seemingly is the cause of action and hinders Christopher’s growth development. Christopher to often times misunderstands and misinterprets other people's intentions, especially those of his father. Consequently, he strongly shies away from public relations and evades it whenever possible. Yet as the story continues, he steps out of his comfort-zone in order to find his mother which allows him to develop a stronger sense of independence. Numerous times in the novel Christopher references a recurring dream he has of himself being the only person left on earth. While the dream was not directly focusing on the factor of not having to be social, it gave us a hint toward believing Christopher's aims for self-sufficiency. This dream it emphasizes how intense his desire is for self-sufficiency which was directly correlated to Christopher's disobedience to Father. Christopher's disobedience stemmed from his desire for independence, which caused him to assert himself showing relative maturity. Christopher's trip to London to find his mother essentially epitomizes everything he finds to be challenging in the world, including various social interactions, navigating and monitoring different environments, and being continuously overwhelmed with new Information. However, by overcoming these setbacks, Christopher achieves more confidence and independence with his ability to combat his own challenges. Christopher's growth and development into an independent young man was also displayed at the train station while trying to understand how to purchase a train ticket. "And I did detecting by watching and I saw people putting tickets in grey gates and walking through.
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