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SWOT – “Skinfood” Strength – “Skinfood” is the cosmetic originated in Korea, which means this product will concentrate on making cosmetic to use for Asian. Skinfood has almost the same as other cosmetic originated in the western countries. As the product is originated by Asian this means the cosmetic will match to the skin structure of Asian. Some cosmetic might be too strong or too effect to the Asian skin structure and it might damage the skin. Skinfood sell at the lower price than the other cosmetic which produce by the western. The member card gives the special price to the buyer and also the promotion to the buyer as sales for some product. The shop also provides the free make up for customer once per month. The shop gives the member SMS discount voucher as the birthday present to the customers each year. Buying product online also available for the customers. Weakness – “Skinfood” haven’t set up any branch in Laos yet. Skinfood don’t have any information about Laos and consumer behavior information. This may be good time for export the cosmetic to Laos due to the awareness of Laotian. Our products don’t have any shop in Laos both at site and online selling. Our products don’t have any commercial on television or radio in Thai or Laos. This is because Laotian also watch television program and also listen to the radio from Thai, which means this might take some time for Laotian to recognize our product. Some of our products are selling at the high prices. This will be unaffordable for some customers. The product which is waterproof might give customer some concern that the chemical might affect their skin and cause some damages to their skin. Opportunity – Laos is located in Southeast Asia in tropical area. This area most of the time is sun light which is heavy and strong. Both UVA and UVB cause damages to the skin layer, this might be the cause of spot

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