Six Domains of Athletic Training

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Six Domain of Athletic Trainer Judith Armendariz Athletic Trainer September 5, 2013 Flecicia Heise Prevention: It is the responsibility of the trainer is to identify physical condition or prior injuries in an athlete that can lead to an injury. 1. Having the athlete get a physical exam prior to participating which include: • musculoskeletal flexibility assessment • muscular strength and endurance assessment • cardiovascular fitness assessment • postural and ergonomic assessment • body composition assessment 2. Design and implement a conditioning program (flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness) 3. Design and implement emergency protocols to ensure medical personnel are prepared in an emergency situation. Evaluation: As an athletic instructor, you are required to be able to recognize, evaluate, and assess the overall physical health and conditioning of your athletes to determine their capabilities and reduce their risk of injury while training. Also the coaching staff and any teaching style to improve your performance. 1. Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the athlete who has a orthopedic or medical condition such as medical history, an exam(observing the athlete walk, run). 2. Create a treatment plan based on the initial evaluation. 3. Talking to the athlete of the purpose of the evaluation and treatment plan. Care: The athlete the student might require immediate care to their injury, so a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology is necessary to protect the player from further injury and to stabilize or safeguard an injury on the field of play. The athletic trainer is often responsible for the initial diagnosis is done, the athletic trainer then must assume responsibility for administering appropriate first aid and for making correct decisions in the management of acute injury. The athletic trainer

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