Ultrasound Tech Essay

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Rough Draft Do you really know the qualities on becoming an ultrasound technician? Ultrasound technicians are a career for someone who appreciates helping others. If you don’t not know the qualities of becoming an ultrasound tech. I could give you interesting outlooks on how to become an ultrasound tech. Duties and Responsibilities for being an ultrasound technician are very interesting but also demanding. For example, preparing patients for procedures by taking a patients history and answering any questions about the procedure. Record findings and also keep track of patient’s records. Also have to apply a gel to aid the sound waves’ ability to show the inside of the body. Recognizing the difference between normal and abnormal Images. Analyze the images to check for quality and adequate coverage of the area needed for diagnosis. (“Diagnostic Medical Sonographers: Occupational Outlook Handbook,” 11). Along with these tasks of becoming an ultrasound tech I shaving the education, training, testing and personal qualifications. For instance, programs offered by community colleges the U.S. military hospitals and universities. (“Ultrasound Tech Education Requirements and Career Information,” 5). “Ultrasound technicians assist doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of medical aliments. They often act as communicators between the doctor and patients. Ultrasound techs must be able to explain complicated technical procedures and ultrasound results to their patients while describing possible methods of treatment. Frequent advancements in the medical field require ultrasound technicians to maintain knowledge of current medical trends and procedures in diagnostic medicine and technology.” (“Ultrasound Tech Education Requirements and Career Information,”5). You couldn’t do anything without your training skills. For example, it could be 1-4 years to complete a program. Before

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