Sir Gawain and Beowolf

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Eric Placido 11/14/13 P.1 Beowulf & Sir Gawain Comparison (Chivalry) The medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code. That’s Chivalry. Sir Gawain definitely followed these codes but did Beowulf do the same? Even from a different time period? I honestly believe that they have very strong similarities. Beowulf might not have called it Chivalry but he certainly followed some of the codes. Sir Gawain was a knight, during the Mid-Evil era. Beowulf was well before that. During the Anglo-Saxon Period. Both warriors who fight evil and delivering good to all those around them. Beowulf, a man who fights evil and helps the helpless. Sir Gawain, a knight for King Arthur who holds its honor when facing the Green knight, keeping his promise. Both also commit sins (According to Chivalry) by not honoring women. Cheating or sleeping with someone who is married. Beowulf clearly has a thing for this women yet in the future starts to sleep with a younger women. Sir Gawain kisses another man’s wife. When he travels to see the green knight, he is welcomed by a lord of a castle and is welcomed to stay. The wife seduces him knowing he is a knight who follows the chivalry code. Nevertheless he still kisses the wife more than once. Beowulf in the end dies due to a dragon attacking his kingdom. Bravery and never showing cowardice. Standing strong and fighting hard till he drew his last breath. Although Sir Gawain did endure half the fighting Beowulf did, he still kept his promise and encountered the green knight even knowing the blow would kill him. Both showing courage and fearlessness. Confronting their

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