Single Independent Mom. Essay

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Single Independent Mom We are not all finger snapping, neck rolling, eyes rolling, angry talking, bitter ass single moms; some of us want to learn and are very educated, educating our children and families. Some of us want and strive to be in a position of authority where we can go out and mentor and motivate others. Knowledge is Power. We single moms are not all what people perceive us to be. Sometimes children of single parents do better than children of married parents, for example a study of hundreds of 10 to 14 years olds and their parents showed that in their day-to-day lives, single parents were friendlier to their children than were married parents. The children of single parents also spent more time with people in their extended families than did the children of married parents. Single mothers of different races, classes, and sexual orientations have found that those mothers are rarely raising their children single-handed. Instead, they have networks of friends and relatives and neighbors who care about them and their children and have been part of their lives for years. Could some of the expressed hostility actually be repressed fear? A fear that women can really be independent, keep a stable home environment, maintain a career, have an active social life and raise children that are well adjusted all on their own. There are a TON of hard working, self-sufficient, smart, wonderful single moms, because a TON of us have stepped up. You hear more and more success stories, so many women that are raising their kids alone and doing great at it. There are so many of us with educations, careers, money and homes. So it’s confusing that so many still think that just because one is a single mom that she may fit into that “stereotypical” category of being on welfare, not working, uneducated, irresponsible, etc. The stereotype exists because everywhere you go there

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