Similarities Between Hyde And Rebecca

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In the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson and the film Rebecca by Alfred Hitchcock, many gothic conventions are used, which include the use of setting to emphasise the eerie mood created. The Strange case was written in the 19th century in London, mostly at night. The story follows Jekyll’s scientific experiments of splitting his identify and creating an alter ego. Similar ideas are explored in Hitchcock’s Film Rebecca his story centres around a young girl, who meets an older man that takes her to his family home in an isolated coastal place. Both successfully utilise setting to create the mysterious atmosphere in the gothic genre. In the novel The Strange Case the gothic theme of mystery is explored through the use of setting. Stevenson uses dark and descriptive settings to create the mysterious mood of the story. In chapter 1, as Mr. Enfield recounts a story, he uses vivid imagery as depicted in the phrase “black winter morning…street after street… as empty as a church”. The atmosphere of the scene is revealed as…show more content…
The protagonist is consistently in the shadows and darkness and the environments she is placed in is isolated and mysterious, which is similar to the first text; The Strange Case. The couple move to the mysterious and unusual Manderley. Arriving to Manderley in the car, they travel through the forest. The long roads and the never-ending tall trees create a sense of loneliness and segregation from the city and uncertainty and eeriness as she is being placed in a new environment. The use of weather compliments the mood of the scene, as it then begins raining heavily. Later in the movie, the protagonist is exploring the mansion in Manderley, she is constantly been put in the shadows and the use of film noir emphasises the fact that she is concealed from the truth and she is always unaware of what is happening around
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