Gothic, Exotic Settings in Noseferatu Scene2

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GOTHIC, EXOTIC AND ISOLATED SETTINGS by SEHAR ADNAN. ANALYSIS OF "NOSFERATU: A SYMPHONY OF HORROR" EXPLANATION The shots sequence selected for [the] analysis has been taken from F.W. Murnau’s movie, ‘Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror’, released in 1922. The scene is [the] Act 2 in the black and white(low-contrast) film. It shows Hutter’s experiences with Count Orlock in his Castle, while effectively revealing the gothic conventions of the exotic or isolated settings. The indoor settings of the castle portrays the long-narrow passageways, dark-hidden rooms, dark towers, grand furniture and dark gloomy stairways. The outdoor settings, consisting of the surrounded landscape of Count Orlock’s castle, depicts the gothic setting of wild mysterious landscape through bleak moors and old crypt like structure. While the exterior of the castle dep[e]ic[i]ts the gothic settings as well; huge tall walls of the crumbling castle, big arched windows, huge archways and the fading-paint, all add up to the gothic feel and creates foreboding and fear in the viewer. FILM TECHNIQUE The wild-myseterious landscape outside the castle is first shot with a long-shot, showing the wide wide of the huge castle and the surrounding trees and landscape ; then it is shot with a medium shot with Hutter walking out of the castle. The camera is already placed and Hutter walks into the scene. Both the shots are taken from a low-angle, giving the appearance of the castle being huge and indestructable (more than it actually is) and also making the landscape appear wider and wilder. This has an effect of creating awe and forEboding in the audience. Hutter appears small and fragile compared to the ominous castle and landscape-the contrast of big and small, adds to the horror and anticipation of the audience. The lighting used is natrual day-light, making the scene appear more realistic and the
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