Similarities Between French and Hatian Revolutions

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Similarities Between French and Hatian Revolutions The French Revolution was one of the most important events in history. It was fueled by nationalism as well as the spread of enlightenment ideas and formed an example that other countries could integrate into their own revolutionary movements. Nearly all of European and Latin America’s revolutions were influenced by the French Revolution in some way. Haiti was no different, and they were able to stage a successful revolution that was heavily influenced by the French Revolution. The causes of the French and Haitian revolutions were fairly similar. Unfairness regarding the power of social classes, restricted freedoms, and a large gap between the rich and the poor were some of the direct causes in both revolutions. In both societies, social mobility was non existant. The French social class system was broken down into the Three Estates: the clergy, the nobility, and the third estate which consisted of mostly peasents. The third estate received no representation as the clergy and nobility out voted them. The Haitians were involved in a similar situation. Their social class system also consisted of three parts: the Peninsulares, the Creoles, and the Mestizos and Africans. Peninsulares were Europeans who held high governmental positions, while the Creoles controlled the land and business in Haiti. The third group which were the Africans or natives were condemned to slavery. The slaves had no freedoms and were not allowed to participate in voting or anything of that matter. As a result of those two social situations, unrest was present in both countries. They believed it was unfair to have such a small percentage of people that were wealthy while the majority was poor or mistreated. This would ultimately lead to both revolutions when the lower classes realized there strength in numbers and willpower. Nationalism was
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