Similarities Between European And American Reformation

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Reformation of the Church Despite the similarities of scripture and the beliefs of followers during the Lutheran and Catholic reformation their differences kept the two sides apart as enemies. During the start of the sixteenth century, people were displeased with the corruption and specials favors the church offered to few individuals which started a great Reformation. People from all social classes began to resent the power behind the church and question their authority to decide who gets into heaven. While the starting point of the Lutheran Reformation was when Martin Luther posted his theses, that caused the beginning of a long needed Reformation across Europe. The ideas of the Reforms came from the side of Martin Luther and the common people of the Catholic church who had started to question the clergy of the Catholic Church such as the pope. The theories of Luther scared the Catholic church and the trusted followers of the pope which…show more content…
Practices have changed in both religions, yet the Lutheran and Catholic remain present to this day. Since and before Reformation religions have constantly been changing to meet the ethics of the society that typically holds them and must always change in order to keep the people in the religion for personal or political gain. Although the Catholic and Lutheran reforms had many similarities, there were many differences. In contrast, the Lutheran movement did not believe that rituals and traditions would necessarily make one more likely to get into heaven. Great differences were also evident in the beliefs surrounding salvation. Lutherans believed in Luther's ideals of justice by faith alone. Luther wrote that works were not needed for salvation, but were simply a by-product of faith. The Catholic reform still put emphasis on the role of works in
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