Significance of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness

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There are some things in life that may seem insignificant but can end up holding the upmost importance to us. We are told to appreciate the small things in life; not to take them for granted. The same thing holds true in literature, where a character may not be present much in the story, but still plays an important role. In Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness, some of theses types of characters are present. One in particular , by the name or Kurtz, has a great affect on the story. While he is only introduced for a short time at the end of the story, he still plays part in the action, themes, and other characters’ development . Kurtz is somewhat of a mystery to the novel, but he is key in the action. At first Marlow doesn’t really know what he should think about Kurtz, but everyone seems to only say good things about him him. But Marlow thinks about the things he does and he doesn’t do what all the others do. he wants to know more about Kurtz, because Kurtz is for him a big secret and he wants to find out more about him, before he is making his own opinion about him.When Marlow spends more with the others on the boat, he finds out more and more about Kurtz. He seems to everyone a very important and somehow interesting person, and after some time he realised that Kurtz had to be a special person, because he is a secret that Marlow wants to find out more about. He begins to study Kurtz’s history. Kurtz had seemed to work all his life to be adored by everybody. But in the end everybody is just waiting for his death and they all want the ivory that he got before and the money that he earned by having all the ivory (page 83) When Marlow meets Kurtz he has no real opinion about him. He isn’t sure if Kurtz is insane or not (page 119). But when Kurtz has told Marlow why he chose this life in the heart of darkness, Marlow does understand him more or less. Now he wants to
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