Shutting Down The Pornography Industry

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Sarah English IV 17 January 2012 Shutting Down the Pornography Industry In today’s day and age, one is able to view almost anything via the internet. Pornography does not only exist on the web, but it can be found in other forms such as: movies, books, magazines, etc. Laws exist that prohibit a minor’s ability to purchase any pornography related item. These laws do not prevent an adolescent from the capability of looking up graphic images and videos. Not only do children have the knowledge to access pornography, they are often found in pornography viewed by adults. Some teenagers now view naked images as acceptable. Evidence of this started showing up when they began to send naked pictures of themselves to their peers. Many people become dependent and addicted to pornography. Even though it is legal for adults to view and purchase most pornography, the negative affects it causes demonstrate why it should become illegal to everyone. The pornography industry has developed into a multibillion dollar industry (Russell). This industry has been miseducating and misleading an immense amount of people for years now. Pornography displays men, women, teenagers, and children in extremely explicit ways. Any image expressed in an intolerable way, whether it be sexual or violent, will overshadow any text (Reisman). The material placed in pornography used to be seen as immoral, but, now, it is perceived as acceptable in society (Cline). Over time, the amount of pornography viewed by people has increased exponentially. “On average, single men watch pornography three times a week for forty minutes. Those who are in committed relationships watch it on average 1.7 times a week for twenty minutes,” was stated in the article “Are the Effects of Pornography Negligible?” from the magazine NewsRx Health. Porno websites no longer only attempt to attract adults, teens and children

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