The Benefits of Quitting Pornography

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This isn't a subject a lot of people would talk about. To be honest who really wants to talk about people get it on in a video while you give yourself a hand. This problem though, is world wide and is hurting a lot of people. But, why is it so bad, and how can it harm us? Pornography has a cumulative effect, the more times you watch it the harder it is to let go of it. It's illustrated as, the more times you view, it the more a string tangles around your hands, and then it gets harder and harder to untangle. Pornography can come across us anything of the day, or... especially at night. Pornography is a world-wide problem, research shows that 9 out of 10 men and 3 out of 10 women view it regularly; it also says that 25 percent of males are addicted to it. That's like, every 4 males you see, one is an addict. I know that you're looking around yourself now, but don't forget to look behind you. Pornography has a bad effect on our daily lives, because it can affect our school, work, or even the time we spend with family members. Also, there is research that white matter in the orbital frontal cortex shrinks and declines in addicts, and some gray matter in the brain atrophies. The results in these losses in brain tissue are that the brains conscious control system becomes impaired and less able to modulate actions. The brains working memory becomes poorer and people addicted will have more and more trouble retaining information. Some may think that pornography would excite you to find women in real life, but it won’t. Chances are, you will not find naked women who want a lot of fun, when you go outside. Then you'll say to yourself, “But there’s always naked girls on my computer", and then just go home and turn your computer on. One person named Chase had an experience where he viewed pornography and one day, he covered the body of the actresses and realized
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