How to show a rabbit at county fair

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I am standing a few inches behind a thick wooden table covered in green indoor outdoor carpeting, with an elegant black and white Dutch rabbit looking in my face waiting for that show to begin. The rabbit stays in the proper conformation as the judge walks steadily towards me with a stone cold face. As the crowd stares down inquisitively into my soul which turns my nerves into cracked glass rods holding the weight of the world even when it is my tenth time showing in a showmanship contest. Being in the position for the tenth time is all because of one person my best friend Rachel. Rachel has been in 4-H for the past 12 years, compared to my 10 years. She has taken rabbit all 12 years and has become very proficient with how to win a showmanship contest. With the age limit being 19 years of age or younger, Rachel knew that her time in 4-H was coming to an end and she wanted someone to carry on the tradition of winning showmanship every year to keep it in the 4-H club. I was one of her closest friend so she taught me everything that she knew about rabbit showmanship to help me be the next winner. Spending an entire summer glued to her hip trying to absorb as much knowledge about rabbit showmanship that I could, this gave me all the strength to beat her at the show in September. I will never forget that chilly September morning, because for once in the 12 years she has been taking rabbits someone finally beat her. Over the summer before that September day, Rachel gathered up every rabbit book that she had and her rabbit and came over to my house. We sat on my deck for the next three months going over everything. Some of the things that she taught me were how to conduct myself during a show, how to prepare myself and my rabbit for the show, all the knowledge that I will need to know, how to examine my rabbit, and much more. After those three months I realized

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