Should the News Media Cover New Media

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Dave #553 Should the News Media Cover the News Media? News media should absolutely cover other news media. News outlets and organizations should be watching each others every move by fact checking and any other way of keeping an eye on one another. As the fourth estate, the news media has a decent amount of power in their hands. There should absolutely be a checks and balances system within the journalism world. This would keep journalists from not making up stories such as Stephen Glass who went above and beyond when it came to doing it whatever it took to get a story. in an interview with CBS, he explained flat out as to why he fabricated a majority of his stories saying that he did because he loved the feeling of people liking what he wrote. This I feel, is something that any journalist could very easily fall into without the constant pressure of knowing a twin tattle-tale brother is right next to you watching and verifying your every report. A journalist's credibility is one of the most important things they have to keep their career alive and people listening to the news that they release. And if other news organizations were to have someone constantly watching other news outlets, the likeliness of an organization trying to release a false or bias story would plummet down. The public already sort of does this. They have deduced that Fox News rolls a little bit the the right in comparison to other news organizations that have a more objective standpoint. But if journalists knew that other news stations were watching them, they would be less likely to do it anyway. The video we watched in class about the truth behind the show “How to Catch A Predator” is a prime example of the importance of the news media covering the news media. Many were skeptical of the show prior the CBS’s special behind the NBC sting operation. People knew

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