1984 vs Enemy of the State

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Enemy of the State and 1984: Movie and Novel Independent Comparison During both Enemy of the State and 1984, the main characters, Winston Smith and Robert Clayton Dean are under extreme control exerted onto them by ruling forces. Due to this, both characters demonstrated various qualities throughout their lives in both the story and the movie. Even though both characters showed similar qualities, the qualities were shown for different reasons and in different situations. Both Robert and Winston fought for what was right. Robert wanted freedom from the National Security Agency (NSA), while Winston wanted freedom from Big Brother. Robert and Winston’s decisions were heavily influenced by their emotions. Robert did things for the love of his family, while Winston did them for his love of Julia. Robert and Winston expressed resourcefulness regarding the rebellion against their rulers. Robert used the NSA’s weapons against them, while Winston used his thoughts, diary and Julia against them. Finally, Robert and Winston both knew what they could and had to lose during their experiences. Robert could lose his family, while Winston could lose his thoughts. In 1984 and Enemy of the State both of the most significant characters strive for their freedom from the opposing forces which are trying to take hold of their lives. Robert Dean compared to Winston Smith is a more accomplished individual due to the fact that he lives in a society where he has the social freedom to pursue the career he chooses. Robert is a highly educated lawyer whereas Winston works for the Ministry of Truth where his job is to create government propaganda and make Big Brother seem almighty. Winston’s society everyone is under surveillance and their rights have been stripped as a whole, in Enemy of the State Robert has been selected as an individual by the government because they fear that he has

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