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1) The Facts: a. The Herald Newspaper in Everett, WA provides a public service “Wedding Book” in their Sunday paper. b. The section includes announcements for weddings, engagements, and 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries. c. Each event reported has a one-column picture and two inches of copy. d. A lesbian couple submits an announcement for the “wedding book” page. e. Their announcement says they have just made a lifetime commitment to each other at a “bonding” ceremony in front of family and friends. f. The gay-marriage amendment has recently been voted down in the state by a considerable margin. 2) Values: a. Considering the gay marriage amendment has been voted down recently do I want to print this announcement? b.…show more content…
What is best for my community? Printing the announcement might result in an outrage in the community for supporting the gay marriage concept. ii. What are the consequences of printing or not printing the announcement? The loss of subscribers or readers and the lesbian couple could be mad at the newspaper also. 4) Loyalties a. What is my highest loyalty? Is to my boss/job for putting together the “wedding book” section for the Sunday paper because those are my boss’s expectations. b. I care about the community and how they perceive the newspaper and me. c. I care about the company and want them to be successful and make good revenue. Final Decision: To not print the announcement because my loyalty is to the community and I want my newspapers to sell and make good revenue. Considering most of my readers voted down upon the gay-marriage amendment Possibly the readers would not buy the paper knowing we printed something in the context of gay-marriage. It would be a hard situation to explain my decision to my publisher, my readers, and the couple. I would tell my boss my highest loyalty is to him/her and my job. I wanted the best outcome for the newspaper. I would explain the situation to the readers by saying my loyalty is to you and knowing the circumstances of the gay-marriage amendment that’s why I didn’t print the announcement. Finally, the toughest decision of all I would tell the couple what my highest loyalty’s are and that’s how I came to the final
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