Should Men Get Paternity Leave from Work Essay

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The definition for Paternity leave is a leave of absence from work for a period of time in order to take care of a new born baby. It could be paid or unpaid leave and it varies from 2 weeks to as long as 6 to 12 weeks. In Malaysia, paternity leave depends solely on the contract signed between employers and employees. I strongly disagree that men should be granted paternity leave from work due to the reasons that it causes inefficiency in the productivity of a company, weaken household financial condition and would also affect country’s economy growth. Paternity leave granted to employees in a company that is loaded with works will slow down the productivity of the company. The performance of the employees after the prolonged leaves might not remain as efficiency as before and the candidates will unlikely be promoted as no employers are happy to see absentees among their staffs, especially those working in tight schedule industries or those working in a crisis mode. Unpaid paternity leave means getting an income lesser than usual and at this time when cost of living is high, when piles of bills have to be paid, household debts have to be settled and inflation is at a rise; it would be a burden for the family. Taking into consideration, a new born baby in a family would mean more money to spend. Malaysia, with its multi racial society spiced up with different culture and celebration is ranked one of the highest public holiday’s countries in the world with 14 national holiday and many states holiday in a year. Together with annual leave and medical leave, there are not many days left in a year to work, which is bad for the economy. Too many holidays will have negative impact on the country’s economy growth as productivity is absented from the economy and affected performance. Paternity leave will only add more holidays that would worsen the already bad situation.

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