Should alcohol advertising be banned? Essay

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This is a question without an answer or with many answers. There will be no consensus about this question. The good thing about it is, most people would answer “Yes” to that question. The thing is - do they really mean it? Advertising increases alcohol consumption, which increases alcohol abuse - is that right? I do not think so. There is no strong evidence from either scientific research or practical experience that advertising could be that effective. People tend to drink alcohol anyway, with or without any advertising. There is no evidence to conclude that advertising influences non-drinkers so as to begin drinking, either. So, why should alcohol advertising be banned then? I believe, there are only few people who drink alcohol because of alcohol ads. In my opinion the appearance of alcohol ads late at night (not in the daytime) on TV does not have any influence. Most alcohol ads have been inspired by the movies or life iself. Many pop-stars are drug addicts or drinkers. For teenagers this makes even better advertising than any special advertise at all! Maybe we sould disallow their appearance on TV-screen or in public? Parents often talk about harmfulness of alcohol and tell their children not to drink it. Parents actually have more influence on children than anyone or anything else. If parents like “to have a little drink” sometimes after work or even every day, it may have the same influence on children as advertising alcohol on TV or somewhere else. Children learn from observing parents’ behaviour and they are the most significant role models to follow in their lives. So – we can find some kind of alcohol advertising in our homes. This kind of advertising should be banned. I watch TV very often, but alcohol ads do not bother me at all, I hardly ever even notice them. Maybe, it is because I do not have a drinking problem? In my opinion, the bad influence

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