Short Essay on Assef in the Kite Runner

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To what extent do you agree with the statement that Assef’s only purpose in the novel is to offer Amir a source of redemption? When coming for Sohrab, Amir has no option but to confront Assef. Confronting Assef means confronting Amir’s past: allowing Hassan to stick up for him, hiding behind the wall when Hassan was being attacked. This meeting between Assef and Amir in essence is a way for Amir to really say sorry. I don’t agree with the statement as I don’t believe that Assef’s only purpose in the novel is to offer Amir a source of redemption. Although, Amir can’t gain redemption without confronting Assef I do also think that Assef as a child portrays a group of children during those times that were influenced by the war in Afghanistan and had awareness of what was going on. Assef (child) has immediate innocence as he is a child, who implies a sense of naivety towards the reader; Assef believes that what is going on is good as he has no awareness of what is good, such as the teachings given to Amir by Baba. In conclusion of this point the character of Assef is a symbol of the children growing in evil, who grow to be evil. Also, to know good you need to know bad so I think that Assef stands as a continuous comparison to any ‘thought to be bad’ in the novel as what he does is really bad and isn’t excused by the reader at all: the rape of Hassan. This level of evil makes what Amir did not so bad which no matter how hard we try to hate Amir, we still love him as he isn’t ‘that’ bad. Amir’s redemption is Assef’s main purpose however. Assef’s name itself means sorry and forgiveness, when first thought about, Assef isn’t sorry at all and doesn’t ever throughout the novel show signs of sorrow but when thought about more, his name acts as an attraction to Amir’s redemption. Amir is sorry and seeks forgiveness and Assef is the only way he can obtain

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