Huckleberry Finn And Fahrenheit 451 Comparison

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The major themes and characters in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 are similar to one another. The plot and the concepts vary between each book but put across a similar meaning. A common theme in both these stories is knowledge and education. In Huckleberry Finn the problem with Huck is that he is an uneducated boy and has been taught the wrong morals from the people in his life. He eventually finds his own morals and tells himself what is right and what is wrong. Part of this realization came from him helping Jim, which troubled his mind because of what society said about helping him. But he then based his decision to help on his own experiences and logic. That is kind of what Fahrenheit 451 puts forth. But instead of trying to gain knowledge it is being destroyed, all because society is trying to promote ignorance which causes sameness in all. Montag battles this sameness and goes against what society offers up because of his belief in what humanity can become and what it will become if nothing is changed. The plots are similar as well. Both are trying to accomplish something that goes against their society but they know…show more content…
Huck is closest related to Montag because of the way that they want to break away from society and learn things on their own. Captain Beatty is like Miss Watson because they are both a hypocritical part of these two novels. There are other like character but the similarities are minor and thus might just be coincidental. But the aforementioned characters also stand as symbols for ideas. Huck and Montag stand for freedom and self-reliance because they search for what is right within themselves and not what the rest do. Captain Beatty contradicts the story because he himself is really well read but heads the destruction of books. Miss Watson does this by believing in the religious and ethical values that Twain criticizes in his

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