Short Analysis of Jane Eyre , Chapter 21

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Short Analysis of Jane Eyre , Chapter 21 This chapter shows the developments of some major characters who influenced Eyre's childhood, making it miserable. Also, it can be called reward and punishment chapter because everyone gets what he/she deserves; Mrs. Reed's spoiled son John has committed a suicide, so her health deteriorates, "her life has shorten by trouble." And then a spasm constricted her mouth for an instant." P. 290. And when she passes away, no one feels sad or pity for her. About Eliza and Georgiana, none of them has a good life. Georgiana loves life joys too much. She's fashionable, she pays a lot of attention to her beauty and appearance and likes parties. Unlike her, her sister Eliza lacks passionate feelings, and she's not attracted to life joys. Eliza plans to join a convent when her mother dies. She is similar to Mr. Brocklehurst, as she seems devout saintly woman, but actually she does not reflect the good values of Christianity. She is bitter impassible envy woman, moreover, she is unkind. Because Eliza is jealous of Georgiana, she prevents Georgiana from eloping with the man she loves. And that’s why they hate each other. Both of Misses Reed are selfish, they don't care about their mother's illness or death. While Mrs. Reed is suffering from her deteriorating health, Georgiana feels bored and wishes if her aunt who lives in London invites her to their home, and Eliza is busy in planning for her life after her mother's death. When Mrs. Reed dies Jane says, "Neither of us had dropped a tear." So, I think the bad features of Misses Reed and their way of thinking is fair enough to be a good punishment. Anyway, with the passage of time, their hostile attitude toward Jane change to better due to her kindness, patience, and sobriety. In addition, this chapter reveals an important secrets. Jane knows the reason beyond her aunt's great hate

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