Greed And Envy

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Greed and Envy Main Themes of The Necklace There are several themes to consider in the story ‘The necklace’ by Guy de Maupassant. Some of which include greed, accountability, appearance vs. reality and many more. In the story, Madame Loisel got a taste of the life she wants and continued to want more and more until eventually it ruined her. Which is why main theme of the story is how greed and envy which can lead to one’s self destruction. The story starts off right away describing Madame Loisel beauty and charm but unfortunately she was born into the wrong class. She isn’t happy with the life that she has. She dreams of a life with parties and elegant dresses and jewels. Madame Loisel is so envious of a rich, old school friend who lives a different life that she actually refuses to go and visit because she feels worse about her life when she returns home. Her friend doesn’t appear to be proud of boastful in the story and doesn’t seem to care that Madame Loisel is poorer than her. Madame Loisel is just embarrassed of the life she lives that she doesn’t want anyone around her to see who she is and how she lives. Within the story, the reader gets the sense that she is so envious of the life that others have she doesn’t realize what she has and that she is so concerned with wanting materialistic objects that she is making herself miserable and unhappy. Her husband who notices how unhappy she is brings home an invitation to a ball hoping to make her happy. Instead, Madame Loisel becomes even more distraught because she doesn’t think she has anything that is acceptable to wear to such a formal occasion. Her husband who is still trying to please her agrees to give up his savings for a gun to buy her a dress. She then gets a dress and says she doesn’t want to go anymore because she doesn’t have any jewels. Madame Loisel goes to her friend in order to
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